Dr.  J. S. Pasricha
                                  Contact Information:
                             1-A , Masjid Moth DDA flats  
                              Phase -I ,Outer Ring Road
                                       New Delhi-110 048
     Phone: Clinic  : 6241283,  6241031  Residence: 6122984



Professional Profile  : 

 Dr.  J. S. Pasricha  completed his  M.B.B.S. in1960 , M.D. ( Dermatology & Venereology ) in 1964 and  PhD Dermatology in 1968.    He  superannuated as   Professor  and  Head,  Department  of  Dermatology  and  Venereology AIIMS,  New  Delhi to to set up his own practice  at New Delhi    He has to his credit over  13 innovative  patients, 180 papers  in  National / International  journals and over 11 books which have become a beacon for the young specialists . He has honoured  the post of  the  Chief  editor  IJDVL for 6 years  from1984-1990  . Ever dynamic, he has has conducted numerous industrial surveys , participated in National projects and has been Invited  to  deliver  talks  and  participate  in  dermatology  conferences  at  England,  Germany,  USSR,  South  Africa,  Singapore,  Bangkok,  Sri  Lanka and  Pakistan .

Primary fields of interest and Achievements                                                                           Diseases  like  pemphigus, SLE,  PSS,  Dermatomyositis,  Allergic    vasculitis  and  several  others  especially  auto-immune  diseases (especially  contact  dermatitis,  physical  urticaria  and  drug  eruptions  especially  TEN),  acne  and  hair  diseases  especially  pre-mature  gray  hairs  and  telogen  effluveum.

BOOKS AUTHORED                                                                                                                                 (1)     Clinical  Methods  in  Dermatology  and Venereology,  (2)  Treatment  of        Skin  Diseases,  (3)  Allergic  Diseases  of  Skin,  (4)  Multiple  Choice  Questions  in  Dermatology  and Venereology,  (5)  Contact  Dermatitis  in  India,  (6)  Current  Literature  Dermatology  1994,  (7)  Current  Literature    Dermatology  1995,  (8)  Drugs  for  Vitiligo,  (9)  Illustrated  Textbook  of  Dermatology,  (10)  Pulse  Therapy  in  Pemphigus  and  Other  Diseases,  (11)  Skin  and  Hair  in  Health  and  Disease.

INVENTIONS                                                                                                                                               (1)      Mechanical  nasal  filter  for  inhalant  allergy,  (2)  Anti-acne lotion  (Teenage  lotion),  (3)  Ichthyosis lotion ,  (4)  Antigen-impregnated  discs  for  patch  tests,  (5)  Antigen-containing-saucers  for  patch  tests,  (6)  Antigen-cups  for  patch  tests,  (7)  Pain-sensation  testing  and  grading  device,  (8)  Touch  sensation  testing  and  grading  device,  (9)  Temperature  sensation  testing  and  grading  device,  (10)  Dermograder  for  grading  dermographism,  (11)  Industrial  masks  for  industrial  workers,  (12)  Soft  nasal  filters  (Poll-free),  (13)  Wart  paste  for  warts  and  corns.

INDUSTRIAL  SURVEYS                                                                                                                   Surveyed  (1)  25000  industrial  workers  around  Delhi  for  skin  diseases,  (2)  Silk  workers  in  Bangalore  and  Guwahati,  (3)  Cashewnut  workers  around  Manipal,  (4)  Prawn workers  around  Manipal ,  (5)  Tea-Coffee  plantations  in  Coorg  and  Dibrugarh.                       

NATIONAL  PROJECTS                                                                                                                 Organised  national  survey  on  the  causes  of  contact  dermatitis  in  India  at  16  centres  in  different  parts  of  India.Conducted  another  survey  on  the  plants  causing  contact  dermatitis  at  10  centres  in  India .

LECTURES  AND  CAMPS                                                                                                           Delivered  talks  and  conducted  dermatology  camps  at  different  places  all  over  India,  on  behalf  of  the  IADVL,  Rotary,  Lions  Club  and     other  organisations.

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