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 Clinical Challenge: You Make the Diagnosis

Case study contributed by Dr. Atul M Kochhar, Dr. B. S. N. Reddy, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi 110002


 A 17 yr old male resident of Delhi presented with complaints of :
  • Hoarseness of voice and inability to protrude tongue since the age of 1 year
  • Generalised scarring and hyperpigmentation since 1 year of age.
  • There was no h/o photosensitivity/ discoloration of urine/ preceding trauma/ fever/ malaise/ joint pain/ dysphagia/ chest or abdominal complaints/ cold intolerance/ weight gain / seizures.
  • One younger male sibling was similarly affected.


  • ü GPE: His height was: 137 cm, there was mild mental  retardation,  hoarseness of voice, ü  multiple hypo and hyperpigmented    papules present over back, anterior and   lateral side of neck;
  •  B/L anterior  axillary folds, lower abdomen and root  of penis extending on to shaft of penis.
  • ØIndirect laryngoscopy revealed nodular thickening of vocal cords.
  • ØMultiple hypo and hyperpigmented papules .ØMultiple atrophic pitted scars with thickening of skin and yellowish hue over face.Ø( Fig.1)
  • Reticulate hyperpigmentation over B/L buccal    mucosa. 
  •  Nails:  Pterygium of right index finger
  •  Scalp: Patchy cicatricial alopecia with sparsening of moustache  seen          (Fig.2)
  • Beaded margins of b/l eyelids ( Fig.3);
  • Skin  hyperkeratotic and warty over B/L knee, cubital fossae, elbows and anterior axillary folds;
  •  Multiple atrophic scars with hyperpigmentation over face (FiG.1); Crusted erosions Sparing of palms and soles .
  • ØHgm/ LFT/KFT/Blood sugar/ Lipid profile/Thyroid profile/Urine exam: WNL
  • ØX-Ray hands / feet / skull / chest: NAD
  • ØECG:  WNL
  • ØCT- scan( Head) :  WNL
  • ØSkin Biopsy : H& E and PAS stained smear : PAS + material in superficial dermis around blood vessels.


Figure 1
üPitted Scarring with yellowish hue


Figure 2
Patchy Cicatricial Alopecia

Figure 3
Beaded Margins of the Eyelids
 What is your diagnosis?

Please e-mail responses to contactus@iadvldelhi.org ; All correct respondents will be acknowledged on this site next month.

If you have an interesting case that you would like to share with the rest of us, kindly mail us at contactus@iadvldelhi.org.


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